Company History

Building profitable partnerships since 1926
In the earliest days of the electrical age, a young company set out with the vision of helping build the infrastructure that would bring electricity to the rural South. That company was Irby.

Today, Irby is setting out with a new vision: to change the role of the electrical distributor from that of a bid-based provider of electrical products to that of a high-value partner, providing total electrical solutions.

An Irby relationship is all about giving customers the greatest long-term value. We focus on providing the lowest overall cost of doing business, not just the lowest price on a particular product. Clearly, a high-value relationship with Irby will save you more than low-bid relationships with multiple vendors.

As your supply chain partner, we arm you with the technological and human resources you need to make your supply chain more efficient. Our team works with your team on a daily basis to help you solve problems and achieve goals. This team approach has helped Irby customers to succeed since 1926. And we can do the same for you today.

Our Promise
I am Irby.
I am an old pro with a new vision of the future.
I am proven, yet progressive.
I am a provider of innovative electrical solutions.
I am an energetic business partner.
I am in step with the times and in touch with my customers' changing needs.
I am guided by the values of trust, accountability and respect.
I am Irby.
And whenever you need me, I'll be there - just as I have been since 1926.

Member of a global industry leader
Irby is a member of the Sonepar Group, the world’s largest privately-held electrical distributor. The Sonepar Group is present in more than 41 countries with approximately 2,300 locations and 36,000 employees. To learn more about the Sonepar Group and Sonepar USA, please visit and